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Man-Up Order Picker Hire

The Dingli OPT Order Picker Lift significantly increases productivity and safety when compared to traditional ladder systems for product put away or retrieval.

  • AC drive and lift motors
  • Compact with nil turning radius. Easy to manage through warehouse and doorways.
  • Mechanical lift function therefore no risk of hydraulic leaks or hydraulic pipes bursting
  • Wide platform for comfortable standing position

The Yale OS030BF truck comes with a 24-volt AC motor that provides quick and precise movements without overexerting or overheating. Their heavy duty quality will carry any task to completion with the utmost productivity and efficiency.

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Man-Up Order Picker Hire Man-Up Order Picker Hire Man-Up Order Picker Hire
OPT Order Picker Lift OSO30BF Narrow Aisle Order Picker
Max Platform Height (m) 2.99 6.096m
Max Working Height (m) 4.99 6.096m
Max Occupants 1
S.W.L (For Person) 135kg 1.360kg
Battery 2×12V/115Ah 36V
Charger 24V/15A