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Narrow Aisle Reach Truck Hire

Compared to competitors, you can increase productivity by as much as 7% per truck, per shift but use up to 20% less energy with Yale narrow aisle reach trucks.

  • Cycle times – Industry-leading lift/lower speeds help shave seconds off each cycle
  • Energy efficiency – Up to 20% less energy consumption than competitors means you can get more out of a single battery charge
  • Capacity to height – The ability to lift heavier loads to greater heights allows you to truly take advantage of higher-level storage locations
  • Double reach capabilities – Easily reach into storage positions that are two pallet loads deep, helping maximize storage density without compromising speed
  • Return to center sideshift – Carriage automatically stops at center position, helping boost operator productivity and enable consistent performance
  • Return to set tilt – Forks automatically set at predetermined tilt angle enabling consistent load placement, entry and exit positioning

Lithium-Ion Powered

  • Higher efficiency, faster charging.
  • Longer service life, reliable under load.
  • Smaller, lighter, temperature-tolerant.

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Narrow Aisle Reach Truck Hire
Model Load Capacity Lift Height Battery Capacity Weight
NR040DC 1800kg 6909mm 24-36V / 775-1395Ah(V/Ah) 5360kg
NR040EC 1800kg 11278mm 36V / 775-1240Ah(V/Ah) 5400kg
NDR030DC 1300kg 6909mm 24-36V / 775-1395Ah(V/Ah) 5590kg
NDR035EC 1500kg 11278mm 36V / 775-1240Ah(V/Ah) 6190kg
NR035DC 1500kg 6909mm 24-36V / 775-1395Ah(V/Ah) 5340kg
NR035EC 1500kg 11278mm 36V / 775-1240Ah(V/Ah) 5400kg
NR045EC 2000kg 11278mm 36V / 775-1240Ah(V/Ah) 5930kg
NDR030EC 1300kg 11278mm 36V / 775-1240Ah(V/Ah) 5650kg